Operational Procedures



General Note


The operation of the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations (WFTAO) is based on consensus and flexibility. However, from time to time there will be the need to resolve issues where consensus cannot be reached.


Article 1. Office Positions


1.1. Determination of Office Positions
Office Positions shall be determined and filled by the General Assembly. At a minimum WFTAO will have a General Secretary. The General Secretary position will be filled by the General Secretary elect whose election is made at the meeting of the General Assembly prior to taking office. The position of General Secretary transferred at the end of the meeting following the one which the election took place. However, if the need arises to fill the position of General Secretary, then firstly the General Secretary elect shall fill the position, and secondly if there is no General Secretary elect, then the chair from the host organization for the next meeting of the General Assembly will serve in that position.

1.2. Duration of Office Positions
Office Positions shall be held for a maximum period extending from the time of taking position through to the end of the next two (2) consecutive meetings of the General Assembly. A holder of a position is entitled to stand for re-election.


Article 2. Meeting of the General Assembly


2.1. Quorum
Quorum will comprise half of the membership of the organization.

2.2. Duration between meetings
Meetings of General Assembly shall be held at least bi-annually.

2.3. Minutes
Minutes of meeting shall be taken and circulated to all member organizations within two (2) months of the meeting.


Article 3. Voting


3.1. General
Voting at a meeting can only be undertaken when a quorum is present.

3.2. Proxy Voting
A member can delegate another member to cast a proxy vote. The designation of a proxy vote shall be in writing and shall be given to the chair prior to the proxy voted neing cast. The chair will announce any proxy designations to the meeting prior to a vote being taken.

3.3. Passing of a Resolution

  • 3.41 Statutes – To pass a resolution to change the statutes of the organization requires an affirmative vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of all the General Assembly members.
  • 3.42 Position of General Secretary – To fill the position of the General Secretary needs an affirmative vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of the eligible votes*.
  • 3.43 Other Resolutions – To pass any resolution other than those covered in 3.41 and 3.42 above needs a majority of the eligible votes*.
  • 3.44 By Postal Vote – (Postal Vote include circulation by post, facsimile, E-mail or other communication means available to member organizations).Decisions shall be established by an affirmative vote from two thirds (2/3) of the members provided ballots have been returned within a five (5) week period from the time the ballot was issued. Non-returned ballots will be considered as positive votes.

* Definition of Eligible Votes: Eligible votes is the total available at a meeting of the General Assembly, this includes all proxy votes.


Article 4. Committees


4.1. Formation
A committee of the Federation can only be formed by a resolution of the General Assembly.

4.2. Task Definition
The task, membership convenorship and duration of a committee shall be defined by the General Assembly.

4.3. Reporting
Committees shall prepare and circulate reports for presentation at each meeting of the General Assembly. To have these reports placed on the agenda for the meeting of the General Assembly, they should be circulated at least four (4) weeks in advance.

4.4. Procedures
Committees appointed by the General Assembly can determined their own operational procedures.


Article 5. Financial


5.1. Fees
Fees for membership shall be determined by the General Assembly to cover costs of operating the Federation as submitted by the General Secretary.

5.2. Payment of Fees
To maintain member benefits and privileges, membership fees must be paid within six (6) months of invoice.

5.3. Accounts
Where appropriate, financial transactions shall be recorded in accordance with sound accounting practices.


Article 6. Communication


6.1. Language
The official language of communication for WFTAO shall be English.

6.2. Communication of WFTAO Activities
All communications on matters related to the activities of WFTAO, other than routine exchanges among member organizations or subcommittees members, shall be handled either by copy to all members or through the General Secretary.