Statutes of the WFTAO


Article 1 : World Federation of Technical Assessment Organisations


The WFTAO is a network of organisations that are engaged in issuing Technical Assessments in the construction field based on fitness for purpose. It is a non-registered organisation with voluntary membership.


Article 2 : Technical Assessments


A « technical assessment » is an authoritative favourable declaration of technical fitness for an intended use of an innovative or non-standardised construction product, service, or process. (Go to the Technical Assessment link for a detailed definition of technical assessment).


Article 3 : Membership of WFTAO


Eligible for membership in WFTAO are organisations with national relevance that can ensure that :

  • the technical assessments that are issued are recognised nationally by specifiers, contractors, regulators, users, and manufacturers
  • they provide technical competence
  • they have available the necessary means to deal with applications of technical assessments
  • they are in a position to consult national institutions in their field of competence as well as the various interested professions
  • their decisions are free of any proprietary commercial interest
  • their technical assessments conform to the provisions of Article 2 above.


Article 4 : Objectives of the WFTAO


The main objective of the WFTAO is to enhance and promote the role of technical assessments in a construction field worldwide and to develop mutual confidence in the technical assessments made by its members. Members are expected to facilitate the transfer of national products to the global marketplace through the use of technical assessments as delivered by its members. This will be accomplished by :

  • exchanging information, advice, and experience on the scope and procedures used in technical assessments in various countries
  • establishing a common understanding of the technical assessment requirements in members’ countries to minimise duplication of effort
  • establishing guidelines for mutual exchange of assessment criteria
  • where possible, achieving mutual recognition of test data inspection schemes and assessment procedures
  • producing harmonised assessment procedures where possible.


Article 5 : Organisation


5.1 General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all members. The General Assembly shall meet at least once every two years.

If decisions have to be taken by voting, the following is applicable:

  • changes in the statutes require 2/3 of positive votes of all membership
  • designation of the general secretary, simple majority of a quorum comprising 2/3 of members present or represented
  • all other decisions: simple majority of those present at the meeting including proxies.

5.2 The Coordinating Committee, appointed by and acting on behalf of the General Assembly, will manage the business activities of the WFTAO and make recommendations to the general Assembly for membership nominations.

These appointments are made in accordance with the Operational Procedures by the General Assembly from any member organisations interested in serving on the Committee, broadly reflective of the geographic representation of the membership.

The Coordinating Committee shall be chaired by the General Secretary.

5.3 The General Secretary is appointed from the membership of WFTAO by the members of the General Assembly for a period of two years.


Article 6 : Financial matters


Every member carriers its own expenditure which arises from its participation in WFTAO. The General Assembly may determine that a funding structure is necessary in order to cover administration costs, e.g., incurred by a member holding the position of General Secretary, or expenditures for other common matters of WFTAO.


Article 7 : Operational procedures


These statutes will be supported by operating procedures, consistent with the Statutes and adopted by the General Assembly.


Article 8 : Reviews of statutes


The statutes may be reviewed by the General Assembly.