Mission, Vision and Objectives



To enhance and promote the role of Technical Assessments of innovative and non-standardised systems and products in the construction field worldwide and to develop the mutual confidence on technical assessments made by its members.


To become the world network for co-ordinating and facilitating innovation assessment in the construction field.


  1. To facilitate the transfer of national products to the global marketplace through the acceptance of technical assessments of innovative and non-standardised building and construction products and processes delivered by its members.
  2. To create awareness and understanding of technical assessment both locally and worldwide and to encourage the use of technical assessment organisations by designers, owners, manufacturers, contractors and regulators.
  3. To establish a common understanding of member country technical assessment requirements to minimise duplication of efforts and to establish guidelines of mutual exchange of assessments criteria for product introduction into the global marketplace.
  4. To promote co-operation and the free exchange of information between members.
  5. To encourage all existing Technical Assessment Organisations that fulfill the membership criteria to voluntary join.
  6. To foster the development of Technical Assessment Organisations in countries where they do not exist.
  7. To provide a network to facilitate manufacturers to understand and use Technical Assessment Organisations within the various member countries.