What is WFTAO?

WFTAO is the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organisations, a worldwide network for co-ordinating and facilitating the technical assessment of innovation in the construction field.

WFTAO comprises officially recognised national bodies active in the field of technical assessments for construction products and systems.

WFTAO currently has members from twenty-one countries across the global market.

What service does WFTAO offer?

  • The members of WFTAO deliver favourable technical assessments* of the fitness for use and continuing quality of innovative products and systems that deviate from established standard specifications.
  • A technical assessment in the sense of WFTAO is an authoritative favourable declaration of technical fitness for an intended use of an innovative or non-standardised construction product, service or process. The term covers all procedures described in different countries by terms such as agrément certificate, appraisal, avis technique, conformity appraisal, evaluation report, technical agreement, technical approval, technical assessment, type approval, etc.

How does WFTAO help companies to sell?

The primary objective of WFTAO is to facilitate the transfer of national products to the global marketplace through the acceptance of technical assessments delivered by its members.

A favourable technical assessment delivered by a WFTAO member will:

  • Provide a means of demonstrating the fitness for purpose of the product with building regulations
  • Be more readily accepted by building control personnel
  • Show that the holder’s manufacturing and QA systems meet high standards
  • Save valuable selling time, by easing acceptance of new products in a conservative market
  • Provide a good opportunity for press coverage for the holders to use the distinctive WFTAO logo on advertisements, literature and display material, identifying themselves as quality-conscious companies and enhancing their image
  • Be promoted on the WFTAO’s web site (www.wftao.com) which is currently achieving 1,563 ‘hits’ a month

In what other ways can WFTAO help?

The assessments delivered by WFTAO members aim to enhance the general level of quality and product performance by:

  • Offering to manufacturers, seeking innovation, a tool to check the fitness for use of their products at an early stage and to foster such innovation,
  • Providing users with guidance on the design of the works and the appropriate installation of the products,
  • Monitoring the performance of the approved products and systems by reviewing periodically the experience of users and developments by the manufacturers.

The organisation is committed to:

  • Promoting co-operation and the free exchange of information between members,
  • Encouraging all existing Technical Assessment Organisations that fulfill the membership criteria to voluntarily join,
  • Fostering the development and use by manufacturers of Technical Assessments worldwide.

further information please contact:

Mr. Thomas Bruun General Secretary WFTAO
Tel: 45 76-20 20 Fax: 45 76-33 20
Email: tb@etadanmark.dk

Or visit the WFTAO website at


*For full details of the scope of a technical assessment see below

Technical assessment of the construction product

The technical assessment of the construction product to show fitness for purpose takes into account all essential requirements which apply to the works in which the product is intended to be used and takes into account regulations and user needs. These essential requirements for the works (as a whole and in their separate parts) may be:

  • mechanical resistance and stability against normal and extraordinary actions (e.g., seismic actions)
  • safety in case of fire
  • effects on hygiene, health and environment
  • safety in use
  • protection against noise
  • energy economy and thermal comfort
  • protection against moisture (watertightness, weather/airtightness, etc.)

Additional requirements may be necessary to facilitate the proper erection of construction. All requirements, subject to normal maintenance, must be satisfied for an economically reasonable working life (durability).